Brotli vs gzip vs no compression

We live in an era where there is more users browsing web using mobile devices rather than desktop. Data from StatCounter, internet monitoring company, clearly shows that year on year there is more and more mobile visitors and this trend is unlikely to change. It is important to realise that not every user has a […]
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ReactJs – should I use shouldComponentUpdate?

React is well known for being performant "out-of-the" box. Well, this is true but ... As an engineer, you've probably heard that latest version of a particular framework, language or feature is best in the class but then it turned to have problems. React is the same, if you write a code that is not optimised, React won't be able to works its magic in 100%. Possibly it still be fast, but it could be faster. This short article will give you some useful, real-life examples on how shouldComponentUpdate can save re-rendering of components.