About Me

Thanks for visiting. If you are reading this section, probably you want to find out who is behind this blog…

I’m Web/Software Developer based in Dublin, Ireland. My day to day work is all about delivering best possible product to end user. I could put some nice words here to describe myself, but it is not my resume 🙂 The only thing I can tell you, is that, I really really really enjoy doing what I do for a living.

After spending 3 years working with LAMP stack and then 2 years on Java/Delphi(yes, I know…)/ASP/JavaScript stack, I’ve realized that I’m spending lots of my private time experimenting with front-end / mobile technologies and tools. Some of those new ‘things’ are ‘too young’, ‘not mature enough’, therefore I couldn’t use it at a bigger scale in work. This pushed me to find a job that would allow ,and would be willing, to use those new things on daily basis. I guess what? Lucky me 🙂

This blog is my second attempt to share knowledge and thoughts.

You can find me